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GTK performance on PXA270 vs. OMAP3

Several of my customers have built applications using the GTK+ tookit.  While GTK+ works fairly well for what we have done, I have been wondering how the performance compares on the new Omap3 processors from TI. As we are evaluating the OMAP3 for several projects, I did a simple comparison with an existing application.  Below is a video that shows a fairly complex application running on both a PXA270, and a OMAP3530.  While the PXA270 gets the job done, the result on the OMAP3 is much more pleasing.  With that advent of a OMAP3 module available for $117 in volume, it seems like the OMAP3 will be a popular solution for upcoming Embedded Linux projects.

6 thoughts on “GTK performance on PXA270 vs. OMAP3”

  1. Hi I am not able to see the video but that apart good to know the edge OMAP3 has got. From the application perspective, I have seen an intense drive towards QT as opposed to GTK+ both in the mobile as well as MID space. Any comparisons on GTK+ and QT as application platforms? For ex: performance and responsiveness (with the advent of touchscreen technologies) would be interesting!

  2. I agree that QT will be an interesting technology to watch — especially considering the upcoming license change.

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  5. Dear Cliff:
    I am Sarahana from India, working in an Embedded device with OMAP3503 processor, 2gb Nand Flash, 512MB ram. I am heading towards to develop an application, before that i wish to be clear which one i can choose

    GTK + Mysql
    Java + Mysql
    Qt + Mysql

    in the following constraints,
    1. GUI look and feel
    2. Response in the UI as quick while it retrieves data from data base. Eg:( When i click an item button, the time it takes displays Purchase cost, Selling Price and Offer Price should be lesser)
    3. Performance without freeze or hung.
    4. Support methods to integrate third devices like Weighing scale, Printer.

    Kindly guide me to choose the right one from the order i have as GTK, Java, Qt

    Warm Regards

    1. Its hard to say with limited information. All of the above are good options, so it probably comes down to your skill set, what features/performance you need, integration with libraries, etc. Java may be easier to to program/maintain, but C/C++ may be faster, etc. The Qt toolkit seems to be getting a lot of traction lately, and I like what they are doing with Qt Quick (QML).

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