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Compulab cm-x270 NAND flash eraseblock sizes

If you are having trouble mounting a JFFS2 file system on a Compulab cm-x270 module, you may have a device that has a NAND flash with 16KiB eraseblocks.  All of the devices I have personally used to date have had 128KiB eraseblocks, but I just helped a cm-x270 user through some flash issues and after much pain discovered the eraseblock size was 16KiB on his module.  A variable has been added to the cm-x270.conf file in OE to set the eraseblock size that can be overridden in your local.conf file if you are using OpenEmbedded to generate jffs2 images:;a=blob;f=conf/machine/cm-x270.conf;h=3c21c546b1320914c9b5d2c44e7332782fc58748