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Mono support in OpenEmbedded and Openmoko packages

Original article published 2007-10-04

As of today, the Mono build in OpenEmbedded is working pretty well.  Mono support for ARM and other embedded architectures should add some interesting capabilities for embedded Linux devices.  Having written a number of large embedded Linux applications, I can really appreciate the advantages of high level languages for exception handling.  It is also interesting to note that Java support in OpenEmbedded is making progress as well (  Windows CE developers have already taken to the .net compact framework in a big way, so its nice to see similar capabilities for embedded Linux systems.

A feed has been set up for installing mono packages on your Openmoko phone.  Add the following line to a /etc/ipkg/*-feed.conf file:

src/gz mono-armv4t

And then:

ipkg update
ipkg install mono

The packaging is fairly granular, so look at the listing in the above URL to see a complete list of what is available.