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Setting up an OpenEmbedded Package Feed Server

With the BEC OE build template, you can easily set up an opkg feed server that serves up packages from your build directory.  This allows you to easily install new packages during development, without generating and reflashing an entire image.  To use:

On workstation:

  • edit, and define MACHINE_IP to point to your target machine, and re-run “source”.  Alternatively, you can export the MACHINE_IP variable in your environment.
  • run: oe_setup_feed_server
  • run: oe_feed_server

On target system:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install <some package>

Opkg will install dependencies, so if you have a complex package, this is so much easier than copying over an opkg file manually, and figuring out you need 6 other packages as dependencies.