Who is using OpenEmbedded?

Having used OpenEmbedded for a number of Embedded Linux projects over the past 5 years, it is interesting watching new users come on board.  The most recent announcement came from Koan that the KaeilOS distribution will be joining the OpenEmbedded project.  In the announcement, they summed up my thoughts well: We at KOAN wanted to […]

Socketcan utils and test apps added to OpenEmbedded

The Socketcan test applications and utilities are now available in OpenEmbedded.  The socketcan kernel modules already exist in OE.  To build and deploy: get the latest version of OE metadata bitbake socketcan-utils-test scp <oedir>/build/angstrom-2008.1/tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/<machine>/socketcan-utils-test_0.0+svnr917-r0_armv5te.ipk root@<target IP address>: And then on the target system: opkg install socketcan-utils-test_0.0+svnr917-r0_armv5te.ipk opkg files socketcan-utils-test /usr/bin/tst_bcm_rx_sendto /usr/bin/tst_bcm_tx_sendto /usr/bin/canlogserver /usr/bin/tst_raw_filter /usr/bin/tst_raw /usr/bin/isotpsniffer […]

Socketcan CAN-bus drivers added to OpenEmbedded

I just added a recipe to OpenEmbedded to build the Socketcan kernel modules from the socketcan SVN.  So if you are using the latest OpenEmbedded metadata, you can: bitbake socketcan-modules scp <oedir>/build/angstrom-2008.1/tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/<machine>/socketcan-modules_0.0+svnr917-r0_cm-x270.ipk  root@<target IP address>: and then on the target system: opkg install socketcan-modules_0.0+svnr917-r0_cm-x270.ipk opkg files socketcan-modules Package socketcan-modules (0.0+svnr917-r0) is installed on root and […]

Linux Input Testing and Debugging

The Linux input layer has made a lot of progress in recent years.  When writing a new input driver (such as keyboard, trackball, etc), it is useful to be able to monitor input events using a test application.  This article describes two ways to accomplish this using kernel input debugging, and the evtest utility. kernel […]

Linux 2.6.23 for the Compulab cm-x270

Updated 2.6.23 kernel patches for the Compulab cm-x270 are now available in OpenEmbedded: http://www.openembedded.org/filebrowser/org.openembedded.dev/packages/linux/linux-2.6.23/cm-x270 The cm-x270 support in OpenEmbedded has undergone a lot of clean-up in recent weeks.  Now is a good time to give OpenEmbedded a try if you need a full featured Linux distribution for the cm-x270.

Howto load Openembedded on the Compulab cm-x270 computer module

There are quite a few people using (or would like to use) OpenEmbedded on the Compulab cm-x270.  The cm-x270 is a high performance, low cost computer module that can be used with a custom baseboard in embedded systems (see http://bec-systems.com/web/content/view/62/9/ for a review).  I get a lot of questions on how to load OpenEmbedded on […]

Mono support in OpenEmbedded and Openmoko packages

Original article published 2007-10-04 As of today, the Mono build in OpenEmbedded is working pretty well.  Mono support for ARM and other embedded architectures should add some interesting capabilities for embedded Linux devices.  Having written a number of large embedded Linux applications, I can really appreciate the advantages of high level languages for exception handling.  […]

The correct way to add packages to an OpenEmbedded Image

Update 2007-10-14: use IMAGE_INSTALL in image recipe Update 2007-10-22: a few corrections, added full path for include and comments Update 2010-06-07: use recipes instead of packages directory As more and more OpenMoko developers are coming on-line, it is becoming obvious that my previous post (http://bec-systems.com/web/content/view/59/9/) about adding packages to OpenEmbedded could use some improvements.  This […]