Using Go in place of a Spreadsheet

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2016-06-28 | Comments are off for this article

Recently I needed to calculate NAND partition tables for a project where we will be supporting a number of different flash parts from 500MB to 2GB.  I first tried this in a spreadsheet, but found it difficult to work easily with hex numbers and do the calculations I needed.  I then looked into options for […]

Setting up a Go development environment

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2016-04-15 | Comments are off for this article

Go has a pretty neat development environment, and its helpful to set up a standard GOPATH on your workstation up front.  This is what I do: mkdir ~/go add the following to .bashrc (or some file that configures your env on login) export GOPATH=~/go export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$PATH Now, after you log in, you can do things […]

Go Language for Embedded ARM Linux Systems

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2016-03-08 | Read the First Comment

In the quest for technologies that work well for embedded Linux systems, I recently gave Go another try.  The last time I tried this was very early on and there were some floating point issues on ARM that appear to be fixed now.  Having spent a few days porting an existing application to Go, there […]

The Go language for embedded systems

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2010-01-06 | 4 Comments to Read

As one of the things I do is evaluate new technologies for embedded systems, the Go language from Google is an interesting development.  I have been looking for a better “system” language for some time.  What I mean by a better system language is one that is nearly as efficient as C, does not require […]