Compulab cm-x270 kernel updated to 2.6.29 in OE

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The cm-x270 kernel support in OpenEmbedded has just been updated to version 2.6.29.

Wi2Wi W2CBW003 Wifi/Bluetooth module review

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The Wi2Wi W2CBW003 is a highly integrated module that provides both Wifi and Bluetooth radios for embedded designs. This module is ideal for embedded designs, as it provides a lot of functionality in a small package and includes standard interfaces like SPI, SDIO and serial that connect with most embedded CPUs. With the availability of […]

GTK performance on PXA270 vs. OMAP3

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Several of my customers have built applications using the GTK+ tookit.  While GTK+ works fairly well for what we have done, I have been wondering how the performance compares on the new Omap3 processors from TI. As we are evaluating the OMAP3 for several projects, I did a simple comparison with an existing application.  Below […]

Compulab cm-x270 kernel update to 2.6.24

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The kernel support in OpenEmbedded for the Compulab cm-x270 has been updated to version 2.6.24.  The 2.6.24 kernel opens up several possibilities including better real time and high resolution timer functionality, an improved SD Card driver, and a full SDIO stack with support for SDIO Wifi devices.  Also included is a patch to set the […]

Linux 2.6.23 for the Compulab cm-x270

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Updated 2.6.23 kernel patches for the Compulab cm-x270 are now available in OpenEmbedded: The cm-x270 support in OpenEmbedded has undergone a lot of clean-up in recent weeks.  Now is a good time to give OpenEmbedded a try if you need a full featured Linux distribution for the cm-x270.

Howto load Openembedded on the Compulab cm-x270 computer module

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There are quite a few people using (or would like to use) OpenEmbedded on the Compulab cm-x270.  The cm-x270 is a high performance, low cost computer module that can be used with a custom baseboard in embedded systems (see for a review).  I get a lot of questions on how to load OpenEmbedded on […]

Compulab cm-x270 NAND flash eraseblock sizes

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If you are having trouble mounting a JFFS2 file system on a Compulab cm-x270 module, you may have a device that has a NAND flash with 16KiB eraseblocks.  All of the devices I have personally used to date have had 128KiB eraseblocks, but I just helped a cm-x270 user through some flash issues and after […]

Linux 2.6.22 for the Compulab cm-x270

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I just completed porting the cm-x270 Linux kernel patches to the 2.6.22 kernel.  Kernel build is available in OpenEmbedded.  Patches are available in the OE tree: Shortly I will be making 2.6.22 the default kernel for the cm-x270 in OpenEmbedded and posting instructions on how to use JFFS2 with the NAND flash on the […]

Compulab EM-X270 Review

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The EM-X270 is a full featured computer board from Compulab ( designed for handheld/mobile applications.  The board includes options for about anything you might need in a portable system including a PXA270 processor, GSM radio, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, Audio, SD/MMC, USB, battery circuitry, and the list goes on.  The EM-X270 is designed to give you […]

Compulab cm-x270 PXA270 module review

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We are in the process of supporting a customer who is designing a product that uses the Compulab cm-x270 “Computer-on-module”.  The cm-x270 is a small computer module 66x44x7mm that contains an Intel PXA270 ARM processor similar to those found in many PDAs or smart phones.  This review provides an overview of the cm-x270, why it […]