Integrated CAN solutions for Linux

I just received an email notification from EMS ( that support for their CAN controllers is now in mainline Linux kernels.  The EMS PCI products are supported in 2.6.31, and the CPC-USB product will be supported in 2.6.32.  I’ve used various Linux CAN stacks in the past, but none were as well integrated as the […]

Socketcan utils and test apps added to OpenEmbedded

The Socketcan test applications and utilities are now available in OpenEmbedded.  The socketcan kernel modules already exist in OE.  To build and deploy: get the latest version of OE metadata bitbake socketcan-utils-test scp <oedir>/build/angstrom-2008.1/tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/<machine>/socketcan-utils-test_0.0+svnr917-r0_armv5te.ipk root@<target IP address>: And then on the target system: opkg install socketcan-utils-test_0.0+svnr917-r0_armv5te.ipk opkg files socketcan-utils-test /usr/bin/tst_bcm_rx_sendto /usr/bin/tst_bcm_tx_sendto /usr/bin/canlogserver /usr/bin/tst_raw_filter /usr/bin/tst_raw /usr/bin/isotpsniffer […]

Socketcan CAN-bus drivers added to OpenEmbedded

I just added a recipe to OpenEmbedded to build the Socketcan kernel modules from the socketcan SVN.  So if you are using the latest OpenEmbedded metadata, you can: bitbake socketcan-modules scp <oedir>/build/angstrom-2008.1/tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/<machine>/socketcan-modules_0.0+svnr917-r0_cm-x270.ipk  root@<target IP address>: and then on the target system: opkg install socketcan-modules_0.0+svnr917-r0_cm-x270.ipk opkg files socketcan-modules Package socketcan-modules (0.0+svnr917-r0) is installed on root and […]