Open JTAG debugging tool for the PXA270

Looking for a low cost, high functionality JTAG solution for the PXA270?  As of several weeks ago, the openocd project now works with the Intel/Marvell PXA270 processor.  There are a number of USB based JTAG debuggers available for under $100, so the cost is minimal.  This article provides a brief overview of JTAG, suggestions for […]

How to control the cable nightmare

Do you ever wonder if there is a better way to manage cables in your lab?  I typically have have 5-10 embedded systems on the bench powered up at any give time.  When you start thinking of all the cables required to connect these systems (every one requires at least power, serial console, and network), […]

TRAC and Distributed Development

I have long been a big fan of source control tools and issue tracking systems.  The “concurrent” model made popular by CVS is a tremendous benefit any time there are multiple people working on the same project.  For most of the projects BEC participates in, we end up setting up a source control system (usually […]

Total Phase USB Protocol Analyzer review

I recently purchased a USB protocol analyzer from Total Phase.  The device will analyze full speed USB traffic and works well with Linux.  On Linux, the software makes use of libusb, so there is very little setup required to get the device working — very nice.  At a price of $400, there is really no […]