Auto-formatting/linting Go code

Some things in life you just have to experience to truly appreciate the value. One of these is auto-formatting/linting source code. When I started programming in Go in Vim, I naturally looked for editor support, and found the excellent vim-go project. Through this, I learned about gofmt and then goimports. These tools can be configured […]

Perisistent device names for USB serial ports

Currently, my workstation has two 8-port USB<->RS232 devices, one dual port USB<->RS422/RS485 adapter, and several single port adapters such as the very useful BUBII.  So with around 20 USB->serial devices, figuring out which /dev/ttyUSBx entry corresponds to which port is not really practical.  However, with udev in Linux, you can easily give static names to […]

Qt Creator for C/C++ development

Recently, I’ve been evaluating Qt Creator for general C/C++ development.  I’m currently involved in the development of a rather large C++ application that is approaching 200,000 lines of code and 1000 source modules.  In the past, I’ve typically used Vim for editing, and Eclipse as a gdb front-end when needed.  Qt Creator is a rather […]

Apache and how to correctly use NameVirtualHost

As I often get involved in server administration (SVN, git, redmine, etc setup), I deal with Apache on a regular basis.  For simple configurations, the default Ubuntu/debian config works well.  However, for a more complex setup with virtual hosts, multiple IP addresses, and SSL support, it is common to run into the following message: mixing […]

How to capture source changes to an OpenEmbedded package

One task that is a often confusing to new OpenEmbedded users is how to capture changes to the source code for a package/recipe.  First, lets review the progression in tools use to capture source code changes. In days of yore, developers often used gnu diff to capture modifications to a source tree.  The typical practice […]

Installing Ubuntu on a Core i7 DX58SO motherboard

UPDATE:  2009-03-17 — It appears that hard drive issues I encountered are likely due to the HW RAID formatting on the drive I tried.  I just tried a brand new hard drive, and Ubuntu 8.10 installed flawlessly, and everything works. I’m not sure why computer upgrades are always such an epic struggle for me, but […]