Why systemd in Embedded Linux Systems?

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2013-12-11 | 2 Comments to Read

Recently I was asked why use systemd vs sysvinit in embedded systems?  There are many discussions on this, and really most of the reasons people use it for servers and desktops are also valid for embedded systems.  Lennart Poettering’s articles explain very well why you might want to consider systemd.  A few things that rank […]

OS Containers for Build Systems

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2013-05-08 | Comments are off for this article

Since I’ve been running archlinux on some of my systems, one thing I’ve found useful is systemd-nspawn. systemd-nspawn containers (or chroots on non-systemd systems) give you a quick way to install a Linux distribution, that can run inside an existing Linux system. Some cases where systemd-nspawn containers (referred to as containers in this document) are […]

Running a reboot cycle test shell script with systemd

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2012-08-29 | Comments are off for this article

One of the easiest ways to stress test an embedded Linux system is to continuously reboot the system. Booting is a difficult activity for a Linux system (similar to waking up in the morning). The CPU is maxed out. There are a lot of things happening in parallel. Software is initializing. There is a lot […]

Mounting a UBIFS partition using systemd

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2012-08-16 | Comments are off for this article

Systemd is becoming the defacto system and service manager for Linux, replacing the SysV init scripts.  The Angstrom distribution has supported systemd for some time now. Recently, I needed to mount a UBIFS filesystem in one of my projects.  The main application is being started with systemd, so it seemed like a good fit to […]