Git Overview Screencast

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2011-03-17 | Read the First Comment

This screencast (use Firefox to view the screencast) provides an overview of the Git version control system.  There are 3 features of Git that are especially interesting: many repositories (vs. one large repository) distributed development cheap branches The fundamental driver for better tools is increasing system complexity.  More and more we are required to manage […]

Qt Creator for C/C++ development

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2010-08-07 | Comments are off for this article

Recently, I’ve been evaluating Qt Creator for general C/C++ development.  I’m currently involved in the development of a rather large C++ application that is approaching 200,000 lines of code and 1000 source modules.  In the past, I’ve typically used Vim for editing, and Eclipse as a gdb front-end when needed.  Qt Creator is a rather […]

Git submodules: what to do when you commit to (no branch)

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2010-06-17 | 3 Comments to Read

When using git submodules, eventually you’ll run into a situation where a workspace has checked out a submodule as (no branch), and you unknownly make modifications and commits to (no branch).  Now what?  It turns out Git has a very useful feature named reflog.  Reflog keeps a local time based log of all activity.  That […]

Installing OMAP3 images on a SD card

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2010-06-14 | Comments are off for this article

This article and screen-cast is a continuation of that last couple posts describing the BEC OE build template.  The purpose again for a build system is to automate tedious manual tasks, and in doing so, we end up documenting how the build system works.  Having a good build system is important during product development so […]

Creating a Custom OpenEmbedded Image

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2010-06-08 | Comments are off for this article

In this article screencast, we’ll demonstrate how to create a custom Linux OS image using the OpenEmbedded build system.  This demonstration builds on the earlier article about using the BEC OE build template.  The OpenEmbedded build system is similar to Linux distributions in that you can select from a wide array of components to install.  […]