Qt Creator for C/C++ development

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2010-08-07 | Comments are off for this article

Recently, I’ve been evaluating Qt Creator for general C/C++ development.  I’m currently involved in the development of a rather large C++ application that is approaching 200,000 lines of code and 1000 source modules.  In the past, I’ve typically used Vim for editing, and Eclipse as a gdb front-end when needed.  Qt Creator is a rather […]

Gumstix Overo review

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2010-02-08 | 19 Comments to Read

Based on the interest and number of embedded modules currently available, it appears that the OMAP3 CPU from TI will be very popular in the general purpose embedded Linux market.  One of the OMAP3 modules available is the Overo from Gumstix.  As the company name suggests, this module looks about like a stick of gum, […]

Wi2Wi W2CBW003 Wifi/Bluetooth module review

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-03-19 | Read the First Comment

The Wi2Wi W2CBW003 is a highly integrated module that provides both Wifi and Bluetooth radios for embedded designs. This module is ideal for embedded designs, as it provides a lot of functionality in a small package and includes standard interfaces like SPI, SDIO and serial that connect with most embedded CPUs. With the availability of […]

Sprint 598U USB Broadband Modem in Embedded Systems

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-02-07 | 4 Comments to Read

One thing that works really well in Linux is support for USB Broadband modems. While it usually takes a little fiddling with PPP scripts, it is generally not too difficult to get working. One of the reasons for this is most modems implement a USB serial interface, and then the modem is controlled with standard […]

Using a Verizon USB720 modem in an Embedded Linux system

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-01-09 | 2 Comments to Read

The Verizon USB720 Cellular modem is a quick and easy way to add wireless internet connectivity to your embedded system.  Why might you want to add cellular  connectivity to your embedded device?  Remote access and diagnostics is a big reason.  One customer I have is planning to supply all their distributors with a USB720 so […]

Atmel AT32AP7000 development board review

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I recently purchased an Atmel NGW100 development board which includes an Atmel AT32AP7000 CPU.  This CPU is based on the new Atmel AVR32 architecture, and is capable of running full Linux.  This review covers the basics of this development board, the AVR32 architecture, options for building Linux for this system, as well as opinions on […]

Moxa UC7408 Review

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I am currently evaluating a Moxa UC7408 for one of my customers.  The UC7408 is a small fanless industrial computer that runs Linux or Windows CE.  This article provides a basic overview of this unit and a review of some of the UC7408 features and the Linux distribution Moxa provides. The basic specifications for the […]

Glomation GESBC-9302E Review

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Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a Glomation GESBC-9302E single board computer.  This SBC contains a Cirrus Logic EP9302 ARM processor and options for plenty of RAM and Flash memory which means you have many options for writing your applications including high level languages like C# and Python.  In this review, I’ll cover […]

Compulab EM-X270 Review

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The EM-X270 is a full featured computer board from Compulab (http://www.compulab.co.il/x270em/html/x270-em-datasheet.htm) designed for handheld/mobile applications.  The board includes options for about anything you might need in a portable system including a PXA270 processor, GSM radio, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, Audio, SD/MMC, USB, battery circuitry, and the list goes on.  The EM-X270 is designed to give you […]

Compulab cm-x270 PXA270 module review

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We are in the process of supporting a customer who is designing a product that uses the Compulab cm-x270 “Computer-on-module”.  The cm-x270 is a small computer module 66x44x7mm that contains an Intel PXA270 ARM processor similar to those found in many PDAs or smart phones.  This review provides an overview of the cm-x270, why it […]