A quick serial logging application

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-10-21 | Comments are off for this article

Recently when debugging a device connected to a rs485 bus, I needed a simple application to dump the raw data coming over the rs485 bus.  Minicom does all kinds of weird terminal stuff, plus it will not display binary data, so that was out.  While looking for serial analyzer programs for Linux, and pondering writing […]

How to Optimize Python reads for general data

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-01-09 | Read the First Comment

The Python file object read() function acts a little differently than the standard read() found in C.  This article describes some of these differences and how to optimize reads for general continuous data streams such as reading data from a collection device through a pipe. Python read() The Python read function seems to be optimized […]

Tips for reading a serial data stream in Python

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Interfacing with a RS232 serial device is a common task when using Python in embedded applications.  The easiest way to get python talking to serial ports is use the pyserial project found at  http://pyserial.sourceforge.net/.  This module works on most platforms and is straightforward to use (see examples on project web site). However, getting the read […]

How to Implement a Web Application Framework in an Embedded Linux System

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As devices are increasingly more networked, an embedded web server is becoming a standard way for users to interact with and configure an embedded device using a standard web browser. As an example, most pieces of networking equipment (such as routers and wireless access points) are configured this way. There are many ways to implement […]