GTK performance on PXA270 vs. OMAP3

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-01-21 | 6 Comments to Read

Several of my customers have built applications using the GTK+ tookit.  While GTK+ works fairly well for what we have done, I have been wondering how the performance compares on the new Omap3 processors from TI. As we are evaluating the OMAP3 for several projects, I did a simple comparison with an existing application.  Below […]

Fix for PXA270 MMC/SD Controller Write Corruption

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-01-17 | Comments are off for this article

During system verification for a customer, we noticed occasional failures when writing to a SD card using the Marvell PXA270 MMC/SD controller.  The failure is a 4KB block of data is shifted on byte, where the first byte is duplicated and the last byte is dropped. The test app that found this problem is available […]