How do modern USB chargers work

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2011-03-19 | Comments are off for this article

As we help customers design products, we often try to leverage the latest cell phone practices and technologies.  One of these is USB charging.  There has been a push in recent years to standardize on USB chargers for cell-phones.  There are a number of organizations involved including the USB-IF and OMTP.  Two of the specification […]

OMAP3 Resume Timing

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-12-07 | 3 Comments to Read

One of the most common power management modes for ARM processors is the suspend mode.  In this mode, peripherals are shut down when possible, the SDRAM is put into self-refresh, and the CPU is placed in a low power mode.  A useful bit of information is to know how soon the system can respond to […]

Linux PM: OMAP3 Suspend Support

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-11-23 | 9 Comments to Read

This article provides an overview of the Linux kernel support for the suspend state in the TI OMAP3.  Power management has always been one of the more difficult parts of a system to get right.  The OMAP3 power management is quite extensive.  There are many levels of very granular control over the entire system.  Initially, […]