Dealing with large data structures efficiently in embedded systems

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-05-26 | Comments are off for this article

I’m currently dealing with a programming problem where I need access to several 64MB, file-backed data structures concurrently on an Embedded Linux system that only has 64MB of RAM.  The data structures are fairly sparse (mostly zero data), and I typically only need to access small portions of them at any particular time.  There is […]

Memory Performance on various Embedded Systems

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-03-04 | 4 Comments to Read

Marcin just published an interesting article about memory performance on various embedded systems using the hdparm -T as a simple benchmarq.  This test gives a pretty good indicator of memory performance in the system.  From the hdparm man page: Perform timings of cache reads for benchmark and comparison purposes.  For meaningful results, this operation should […]