A quick way to share files from any directory

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2013-01-22 | 2 Comments to Read

Did you ever need a quick way to share files from a directory on your computer?  Or perhaps transfer a large file to another person?  With nodejs and express, you can easily set up a temporary web server that allows users to browse and access a list of files in a directory.  For convenience, I […]

A quick way to set up an OpenEmbedded feed server

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2012-12-08 | Comments are off for this article

During development with OpenEmbedded (oe-core, meta-oe, meta-angstrom), I often find it useful to set up a feed server so that packages can quickly be installed on the target system without manually copying them over or building a new image.  One way to do this is copy your deploy/ipk directory to an existing web server (perhaps […]