Best practices for building Qt applications with OpenEmbedded

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-08-06 | 16 Comments to Read

This article describes how to cross compile a Qt application (named qt_tutorial) with OpenEmbedded, and several best practices you should consider.  OpenEmbedded currently includes fairly good support for building Qt — both Qt Embedded and Qt X11.   OE also includes a number of qt classes that make building Qt applications easy.  One of the main […]

How to capture source changes to an OpenEmbedded package

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-07-14 | 4 Comments to Read

One task that is a often confusing to new OpenEmbedded users is how to capture changes to the source code for a package/recipe.  First, lets review the progression in tools use to capture source code changes. In days of yore, developers often used gnu diff to capture modifications to a source tree.  The typical practice […]

How to disable SSH host key checking

Posted by Cliff Brake on 2009-01-09 | Comments are off for this article

This article presents a very nice overview of options to disable ssh host key checking.  When working with embedded systems where you are constantly reloading the rootfs, it is really annoying to have to edit your ~/.ssh/known_hosts every time you update the rootfs on the target device.  The solution is to simply disable host key […]

Embedded Linux development on Windows???

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From : Host platform Although everything I will describe can be also done on a Windows host, I recommend using Linux. It’s more convenient, and more tools and utilities are available. And if you rely on a few Windows applications such as Word and Outlook, you can still run them on Linux in emulation […]

Do you need “software update” functionality in your Embedded Linux system?

Posted by Cliff Brake on | 2 Comments to Read

In this day and age, most embedded systems include a way for users to easily update software once the device has been deployed.  This article discusses the requirements for a field update mechanism along with pointers for how to implement. Update Mechanism Requirements Requirements for a field update mechanism might be: easy for users to […]

How to build GNU/Linux for an embedded x86 computer

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Recently, I had a customer who needed an embedded Linux distribution running on an Advantech PCM-9371 single board computer (SBC).  The PCM-9371 contains a low voltage Celeron or Pentium III processor.  This article describes why the Openembedded build system was chosen and a few tips for running Openembedded on a x86 system. The hard way! […]

Autotools quick reference

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At some point, most Linux developers need to master Autotools.  For most of us, this is a fairly painful process, but like any good tool, Autotools is extremely useful and well worth learning.  For example, if your program is set up correctly using Autotools, it will cross compile with almost zero effort in OpenEmbedded, or […]