How to evaluate VoIP providers with Asterisk

There are many options when selecting a VoIP provider to terminate your Asterisk PBX.  One of the most important factors in this selection is the quality of the internet connection between your PBX and the VoIP provider.  The route between you and your VoIP provider is one of the most important considerations when selecting a […]

Implenting QoS for VOIP in a Linksys router

In our quest to implement an Asterisk PBX in our office, we are evaluating several VOIP (Voice Over IP) providers.  VOIP provides several benefits over traditional phone lines including: low cost (typically around $0.02 per minute) available in pre-paid plans can support concurrent concurrent calls on the same number However, implementing VOIP successfully is not […]

Implementing Asterisk

Over the past month, we have been working on implementing Asterisk in our office.  Asterisk ( ) is a complete software PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that runs on top of Linux.  Asterisk supports a number of features commonly found in a PBX including voicemail, hosted conferencing, call queuing, and many other features.  Having a real […]